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We are located north of Buckhead, in the Dunwoody/Sandy Springs area near Northside Hospital and Perimeter Mall.

Contact Number: 678-560-3434
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   We provide expert help with:
• Stress, Anxiety and Depression
• Anger Management
• Conflict Resolution
• Marriage, Premarital, and Couples
• Communication and Relationship
• Positive Self-Image
• Public Speaking
• Smoking Cessation
Weight Control
Alcohol, Drugs, Food, Etc.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Personal and Professional
Love and Peace

Our practice has helped thousands of people find the happiness and confidence they need to make positive changes in their lives.

Break Free From Unwanted Habits
Even serious habits like smoking and over-eating can be overcome easily with relaxing hypnotherapy. Accepted by the American Medical Association as an effective therapeutic technique, hypnotherapy has helped many people stop smoking and has proven effective in weight control as well as habit or chronic pain control. Hypnotherapy is also used to improve self-esteem, concentration, memory and performance in academics, business, sports and public speaking.

Your Care Is Always Private
Our counselors follow a discreet telephone protocol if we need to reach you between appointments. There is no need to worry about a call from us. We keep care confidential and do not mention we are calling from a mental health practice.

Peace of Mind Is Convenient and Affordable
We are especially concerned that financial and scheduling issues donít add to your distress. Thatís why we make morning, lunchtime, evening and weekend appointments to accommodate your busy lifestyle. For your convenience, we welcome Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Reduced Fee Initial Assessment and Consultation
We invite you to come in for a profeesional assessment and consultation for as low as $65. Our counselors can assess your situation, your issues and give you helpful insights on the spot. Youíll benefit from our experience and expertise for a very affordable fee. The sooner you do, the sooner youíll be able to move on with your life
...to feel good about yourself once again!
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5 Concourse Pkwy NE, Ste 3000
Atlanta, GA 30328-5350